Other Activities

Winter Activities in Niseko - perfect for families

A visit to Niseko's ski resort should not only be limited to skiing or snowboarding. There are many other winter activities and attractions in NIseko to enjoy during your winter holiday.

Snow Tubing & Snow Rafting

A popular winter sport - great for kids and adults. Let a snowmobile tow you around a course while you are sitting in a rubber raft.

Season: Late December – April
Duration: 1 hour
Operators: Hanazono 308

Snow Shoeing

Perfect to explore scenic countryside and ice-covered lakes around Niseko. Trekking through snow-covered forests, Niseko is the ideal location for snow shoeing and exploring the winter wonderland.

Season: Late December – April
Duration: 1 hour – more
Operators: Hanazono 308, NOASC (Niseko Outdoor Adventure Sports Club), NAC (Niseko Adventure Center), Niseko Village, NOC (Niseko Outdoor Center), Bouken


Looking for an adventurous tour through knee-deep powder. There are a large variety of courses on offer both at the foot of Mount Annapuri and further afield.

Season: Late December – April
Duration: 1 hour – more
Operators: NSA (Niseko Snowmobile Adventure), Hanazono 308, NOASC

Horseback Riding

A memorable adventure for kids during their stay in Niseko. Sit back, and enjoy a short scenic ride through snow-covered forests.

Season: Late December – March
Duration: 1 hour – more
Operators: Niseko Village


After skiing or snowboarding all day make sure you go to an onsen, it is a hot spring (usually located outdoors), nothing soothes your aching muscle better than an onsen. Just be warned that you are not allowed to wear bathers in the onsens and men and women normally bathe separately. There are 10+ onsens to choose from within Niseko alone.

Arts & Crafts

There are many small privately run galleries and museums where local artisans display and sell their work. For a hands-on experience there are several places where you can try anything from pottery and glass making to making soba or tofu.

If you are interested to come to Niseko for a Winter Ski Holiday, please see our Niseko Accommodation Page to reserve your luxury accommodation.

You can also choose to reserve your Niseko accommodation and winter activities at the same time.