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House V Condo … the good news about Niseko accommodation prices

Niseko's best value accommodation is clearly a luxury chalet

Why a luxury house stay is Niseko's best value accommodation

If you have made the decision that you are heading to Japan for a winter holiday and now are looking at accommodation this may be the most important document you read …

In Niseko there are two main accommodation options, both driven by group size. If you are a lone traveller or a single couple, condos are a great option but if you are a group then there is NO better option than a luxury house.

Nothing beats your own snow chalet surrounded by Niseko's world famous pow!

The reason a house makes the most sense is both economic and space driven. Lets deal with space first:

Japan is famous world-wide for use of small accommodation spaces and a recent development trend in Niseko has seen a rise in high density condominium buildings. Most of these buildings have been designed to maximize development efficiency and are high head count density. Add crowded elevators, busy receptions, confused seasonal staff and a condo stay is better suited to highly mobile couples and singles rather than large groups or families on a longer stay.

Panorama lounge / dining
The expansive lounge and dining area in "Panorama"

A luxury stand-alone snow chalet is a different story. All of our Chalets are large spacious architect designed buildings purpose built by our sister company West Canada Homes (Niseko's leading custom home builder) specifically for snow vacations. En-suited bathrooms, media rooms, kids games rooms, large dedicated equipment and dry rooms, big spacious lounges, kitchens built to entertain in. Luxury at every turn. All this makes for a vacation to remember rather than a holiday to endure. Add the fact that most of our properties include a 4WD as part of the package and you have unlocked the nearby resorts of Rustusu, Moiwa and Kiroro in addition to shopping and the decidedly more quaint Japanese restaurants in Kutchan, Niseko, and surrounding villages.

Annabel Lounge
Wide open space in the ever popular "Annabel".

Economic reasoning though is where a chalet booking becomes a really sensible choice for a family or group. We did a survey of the various condo style accommodation offerings in Niseko and put together a pricing per night comparison with our selection of our luxury chalets below:

* Figures are based of an average per night price of randomly selected condos and our own equivalent bed houses.

2 BR Condo Hirafu 03 / 02 /2019 2 BR House Hirafu 03 / 02 /2019
182,000 Yen Per Night 130,000 Yen Per Night
3 BR Penthouse Hirafu 19 / 12 /2019 3 BR House Hirafu 19 / 12 / 2019
239,000 Yen Per Night 117,000 Yen Per Night
3 BR Condo Hirafu 19 / 12 / 2019 3 BR House Hirafu 19 / 12 / 2019
178,000 Yen Per Night 117,00 Per Night
4 BR Condo Hirafu 17 / 01 / 2019 4 BR House Hirafu 17 / 01 / 2019
287,950 Yen Per Night 139, 286 Yen Per Night
5 BR Condo Hirafu 03 / 02 / 2019 5 BR House Hirafu 03 / 02 / 2019
530,500 Yen Per Night 210,000 Yen Per Night

As you can see this comparison makes it crystal clear that on top of all the space benefits the savings made choosing a luxury chalet over a condo are quite significant and if you're a family or group of friends it's money that can be spent on the multitude of fantastic experiences available in Niseko instead of just the roof over your head. The memories those experiences create will stay with you long after your suitcase is unpacked back at home and That is the reason to visit Niseko more than any other.

To find out which of our houses are available this coming winter and to join our list of happy return customers please hit the link below.


If you are interested to come to Niseko for a Winter Ski Holiday, please see our Niseko Accommodation Page to reserve your luxury accommodation.

You can also choose to reserve your Niseko accommodation and winter activities at the same time.