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Epic January snowfall forecast … + a video!

January one of the best times to visit for a Niseko ski holiday.

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Yes it's a brave call we know and apologies for the click-bait style subject line but we do have some semi-science and over 12 years first hand experience behind it, we also know Niseko and snowfall is an exception to the norm everywhere else.

 No doubt you've all heard online about how last January was an amazing month, and we are pretty sure if you spoke to anyone who was in Niseko last January they would be still talking about the record breaking snowfall, "Best in 20 years", "It dumped every day", "They were lighting their fires with any ski's that weren't fat ski's" etc etc. The truth is last January was pretty normal, deeper than the previous January but really just the normal freakish accumulation of powder snow Niseko gets each winter.

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Looking at January in the last 60 years 40 of them have actually shown larger January snowfall totals putting the odds of this January being a bumper year in the fairly good to sure-bet bracket, hence our call on the forecast. This and the incredible quality of our powder snow is the main reason Niseko is considered the world's premium powder snow destination and our collection of Niseko's best luxury residences is why we are considered Asia's leading provider of luxury snow vacation accommodation. January is the peak of our winter season falling after the mayhem of the Xmas break and before the mass migration that is Chinese New Year. This makes January one of the best times to visit for a Niseko ski holiday. This is especially so if you are from Australia where it's summer holidays, boiling hot and finding a car-park at the beach is like finding a needle in a haystack while inside a giant oven. Niseko is the perfect overseas cool change.

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We would love to see you here and are offering a 25% discount on all airport transfers for bookings made before June 30 so please feel free to contact reservations and we hope you enjoy the video to get a feel of the kind of conditions you can expect.

If you are interested to come to Niseko for a Winter Ski Holiday, please see our Niseko Accommodation Page to reserve your luxury accommodation.

You can also choose to reserve your Niseko accommodation and winter activities at the same time.