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Implementation of "New Hokkaido Style"

The Niseko Company has adopted Seven Rules according to Hokkaido Government Guidelines. The "New Hokkaido Style" program helps limit COVID-19 from spreading

7 Rules for Our Guests' Health and Safety

We at The Niseko Company have implemented and follow 7 Rules suggested by the Hokkaido Government. The "New Hokkaido Style" Campaign helps preventing the spread of COVID-19 to ensure all guests travelling to Hokkaido can enjoy their stay safe and healthy.

TNC Shin Hokkaido Style EN version

What are the 7 Rules?

  1. Ensure that all staff wear masks and frequently wash their hands
  2. Monitor the health condition of the staff
  3. Regularly ventilate and air out your facility
  4. Regularly sanitize and wash facility equipment
  5. Ensure that all staff keep a safe distance
  6. Call upon customers to follow proper cough etiquette and wash their hands
  7. Proactively inform customers about your efforts

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