A Tanuki's view of Mt Yotei through a barley field.

Summer's Lifeblood

Water gives life to everything in Niseko

Marvelous Mizu

Water controls everything in Niseko. It makes our snow in winter and is the lifeblood of the incredible produce that feeds the nation in summer.

The cycle of life on the island of Hokkaido is all based around water. It feeds everything. Starting with our snow that piles to a level not seen anywhere else on the earth. This frozen water provides us with a winter playground and its existence allows a myriad of small and large enterprises to flourish. Everything from the smallest food van selling yakotori sticks right through to the largest hotels employing hundreds of people. All of this exists because of water frozen in the form of snow deposited on Mt Annupuri's slopes.

Newsletter 24 Img 6195
The last remaining snow of winter on Mt Yotei will eventually end up at this natural spring in the lowlands.

As the seasons continue and that huge deposit of water we are blessed with begins to melt, our rivers flow and nature bursts to life. Rafts bob downstream, fishermen cast flies to hungry trout and the famous farming community that Niseko is known for all across Japan mobilizes.

The ordered perfection of a Niseko rice paddy.
Freshly planted rice in a water filled paddy in Niseko.

The earth is tilled, crops are planted and the task of growing enough food to help feed a nation of millions begins. This continues right up until the harvest moon of October. By this time the water has made its way to the sea of Japan where it is picked up again by the first storms of winter slowly turning again to snow as the cycle continues. Water is the basis for it all.

Newsletter 24 Img 6067
A local farmer breaks winter hibernation in the shadow of Mt Annupuri.

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